Generation Youth of America - GYUSA is a not for profit organization. 

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Our Mission

Generation Youth of America is a not for profit organization which provides avenues to participate in positive, confidence - building, critical thinking skills while reaching out to youth, providing moral support and guidance through quality constructive action and encouragement. 

Our Vision

Established since 2010, our organization has been based geographically throughout the Brooklyn community. Our administration and volunteer staff dedicate their time to guide today's youth, helping them evolve into our future leaders. Generation Youth of America is committed to maintaining a safe, secure environment where all students will be educated, motivated, challenged and inspired to excel as citizens of the world. 


We advocate for youth who need the extra push. Our academic enrichment, youth mentorship, community outreach and athletic programs provide our scholars with the tools necessary to strive and excel in the classroom along with extracurricular activities. This implements our philosophy on hard work, discipline and allows for a fun and safe environment. Our scholar's willingness to succeed helps gain the respect of their peers, helping to grow a better community.


" A little help goes a long way."

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" I believe in the power of education, the morale in fair play, honesty and sportsmanship. I believe in our community and its residents, our schools, educators, scholars, mentors and our volunteers. I genuinely believe that helping others can go a long way. I believe in Generation Youth of America."  - Chairman/Founder: Rudolph Bentley Jr. 

Help others find us with Google, g+1. A little help goes a long way.

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